Oh Yeah, He Plucked the Goose

Poorod came over last night, and he got to ride in the Goose! To give you a little background, my good friend Lean insists on naming her cars. Her current car, a light-bluish Camry, is named Fergus. Lean says he’s a gay man. Who can say? Either way, when I got my new car, Lean wanted to know its name. My Civic is charcoal gray and it’s zippy and honky, so I named it the Gray Goose. Awwww yeah! I decided that when people first ride in the Goose, they have to say, “I plucked the Goose!” So far, everyone has complied, but Poorod refused to say it out loud. He’s dead to me. I was thinking of giving t-shirts out to people when they first ride in the Goose. The shirts will read, “I just plucked the Goose and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Hehe.

I just had to meet with the insurance lady for my new job. Benefits rhetoric fills my head! I went with a higher deductible in the hopes that I won’t have any bad accidents. If something goes wrong, I’ll just have the affected body part removed. Sensible plan, no?

I am SO not in the mood to work today and I have a lot that I need to get finished. This has been a busy week! To top it off, I teach a Photoshop workshop tonight and I am NOT prepared at all. I hope the participants don’t mind if I just nap instead.

I was planning to meet Russ last night to give him the monitor he leant me, and also get some CDs and books that he accidentally took from my car. A few weeks ago, we went to Barnes & Noble and I bought 3 books and 3 CDs. (Since then, Russ has called me and said mean things. Turns out this friends thing may not be possible OR desirable. ) Anyway, for some reason, when I dropped him off at his car, he took my B & N bag. DODGY! Last night, I ended up hanging with Poorod, so I think I’ll get my stuff from Russ on Sunday. If it weren’t books and CDs, I might just say, “Forget it!” Months ago, I came to terms with sacrificing some things I left at Russ’s house, including lotion (sorry Jergens!) and the like. That, I can handle. I will not, however, give up books and CDs just because the relationship is over. For me, that would be like giving away money or something even more essential, like big cookie!

Tomorrow AZBad. is having a party. I may make a cameo, and I think Lean and I will hang out later. Saturday is Great Ern Day! We haven’t hung out in weeks and weeks because of my car crash and various and sundry issues. We’re going to see a movie, have dinner, and then see a play! I hope we hold hands during the play.

Sunday I’m going to hold down the couch, snuffle with Abbs and clean a bit. I’m excited to RELAX. I’m too old for all these crazy going-on’s.


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