Journalistic Integrity

I’m sure one of the points of having a blog is that your thoughts and feelings are unedited and uncensored, but I refute that notion! I’m an editor now, so I can’t help but edit my postings. I’m not changing thoughts or statements, but if I notice a misspelling or error or missing comma, you can be damn sure I’m going to fix it! Of course, ‘dunno,’ ‘wanna’ and ‘Woooot!” are fine. I have the power to make those kinds of distinctions. Mruahahahaha!

Moving along, last night Photoshop went very well. One participant left the following comment:

The woman that taught the class is kinda funny actually. Made the class even better. Just made funny comments making you feel better that its frustrating trying to learn this program.”

Hehe. I’m actually funny and stuff.

Today at work, we had a pizza party. We were supposed to help put together these new desks, but I didn’t want to break a nail or perspire, so I just ate a piece of pizza and watched the others do manual labor. It was exhausting!

Yesterday, I asked Poorod to take Abbs out before he left. He let the main door shut though, and only had a key to my inner apartment door. He’s good at door. Fortunately, someone let him in after he buzzed all the apartments. When I got home, he had left his plate and fork out, and his food trash and a can of drink. What is that? Maybe he was distracted by the “locked out” incident. Next time I’m at his place, I’m going to bring a bag of trash and leave it.


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