I just got home from assisting a class at IUPUI. There were only 3 participants, so I left at the break. Now I'm pilfering someone's wireless connection to blog it from home.

It's time you get caught up! My life is SO exciting, I'm sure you could hardly stand the wait. I suppose I'll begin with my weekend. Friday night, Lean came over. She brought North Country, which I want to see, but we didn't seem to be in the right frame of mind. Instead, we watched #1 Single and commented on Lisa Loeb's family, work, relationships and hair dos. (She looks cute with pig tails. If I wore pig tails, I'd look like, well, a pig.) If you don't know, #1 Single is about LL moving to New York to record her new album and meet a man to spend the rest of her life with. Wouldn't it be nice to get a reality show to help you meet that special someone?

Saturday morning I overslept and was late to assist Fireworks. (Reach for the stars!!) Fortunately, Barberella was teaching and it was a very small class, so she didn't mind at all. I stayed until a bit after the break, and then hit the road to head for Btown.

BREAKING NEWS!!! I just received an e-mail and apparently the laser pointer is missing from one of the classrooms we teach in at IUPUI. I NEVER use that thing. I find laser pointers irritating as hell. Whenever a teacher uses one, I end up looking at the point, instead of what is being pointed to. Anyone with information about the laser pointer's whereabouts will be rewarded with Girl Scout cookies. Damn the Girl Scouts! Instructional Designer #1 just brought in tons of boxes for everyone at work. Her niece is one of the dreaded scouts. People are munching on those damn cookies all day and it's so difficult to resist. So far, I've withheld, but I dunno how much longer I can take it. Apparently, there is a new flavor that tastes like gingerbread. I don't like gingerbread cookies so I try to think of them every time I'm tempted to eat 10 boxes of the good ones.

Where were we? Right, Saturday afternoon. I had an appointment with Bob and he recommended I see someone in Indy, so I won't have to drive back and forth, and only be able to schedule appointments at odd times. (I'm resisting the probably absurd, but not completely impossible notion that he's grown tired of me.) I think it's a good idea, although the thought of telling my story from scratch to someone new is daunting. However, since so much is going on right now, and since so much happened last year, I feel like I've got some stuff to work through.

After my appointment, I hopped in the Goose and headed to Ern's. I gave her all her pressies, including ones from graduation, Christmas and her birthday. I can't believe how long it had been since we'd had a proper date. Ern plucked the Goose and then we decided to see Mrs. Henderson Presents. It was a very good story and fun to boot. Judi Dench is incredible. I hope I'm doing that well at 61. Hell, I hope I'm doing that well at 31!

Next, we picked up Jern and headed to Shanti. Jern is very sweet and nice and seems PERFECT for Great Ern. I'm so glad she's found a wonderful boy; she deserves it. Jern likes to travel, so we talked a bit about that. I'm hoping to do some more traveling this summer. I have an ant in my pant.

After dinner, we dropped off Jern and headed to Ern's for awhile. We chatted and I petted all the critters, and then I headed home.

Sunday, I'm ashamed to say, I held down the couch ALL day. And that's not an exaggeration. I literally slept all day. It was nice and lazy, but I always feel guilty when I do that. I'm good at making sure I don't fully enjoy lazy days. The Pope should put me in charge of guilt.

When we were driving in Btown, we saw Skip and Melissa. That's the kind of thing that usually happens when I go to Btown. It's not a teensy town, but it's small enough that you'll run into someone you know, or someone who knows that you were invited not to return to Cheeseburger in Paradise after that Cinco de Mayo incident…or something.

In the way of not totally boring you, I think I'll close for the evening. More tomorrow. Sweet dreams!

Ooo! One more thing-I read today that Matthew McConaughey isn't a big SJP fan, and that it was sort of difficult for him to work with her for Failure to Launch. Interesting, no? I can't imagine not liking SJP. Not like I know her, but I get a feeling from all the TV time we've spent together.


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