Work has been very busy this week. Everyone got these task schedules that tell us what we’ll be doing for the next few months. I am in for some long weeks! But I’ll just be earning the vacation time I need for Cory’s wedding.

On Monday, I worked with BossMan ALL day to edit and re-edit a particular chapter. Somehow, at the end of the day, I accidentally replaced the new version with the old version. I meant to send that new version to the boss, but sent the old one. He was, of course, confused about why all the changes we’d discussed hadn’t been made. Ugh…all those hours of work, lost. I’m good at file management.

Today, some of our clients are here for meetings. We are supposed to have lots of chapters finished, but I think we’re sort of behind. Although this job has many, many plusses, I think one negative is that I will have much less down time than I did at the state. At least I’m movin’ up and makin’ more and learnin’ new stuff. Plus I got a shiny laptop.


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