Nail Drama

I haven't written anything in a few days and I must admit, I'm in withdrawal! I'll begin with a recent event; I broke another nail today. My Mom has these really thin nails that break all the time, so I'm afraid I've gotten to the age when my nails will be like that too. Damn brittle nails!

I'm watching the Oscar red carpet shows. Are Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves dating?? I did not get that memo! Apparently, rumor has it that Sandra is preggers as well. Interesting!

I can't seem to pilfer a wireless connection right now. I could go to Panera, but I'd better not leave the house with my hair looking like it does. It's fancy.

Did you know that Reese and Ryan said a few years ago that they're in couples therapy? Good for them! I hope they stay together. I know they wish me all the best too! 😉

So far, I've missed all of Bernard's calls. Tomorrow is his birthday, so I called his cellie today and left a message. Wonder how you celebrate your birthday when you're in officer school? Maybe you get extra greul at the mess hall or something. I miss Bernard.

Well last week was a busy one. Right now, everyone in my office basically works in 1 big room. I'm definitely a social person, but it's waaaaay too much distraction for me. I talked to InstructionalDesigner#1 and she said she would rather work in a cube too. Sooo we talked to the boss lady, and she said it's no problem. Yay! I will be much more productive in a cube. Good lord…I never thought I'd be this excited about working in a cube.

I worked on 1 chapter all day Friday, but it was struggle. I was sooo antsy to leave all day. I called Great Ern and asked if she would mind if I didn't come to the game night. I was so tired, and I had to teach early Saturday morning. I taught Dreamweaver and then did a bunch of paperwork online to get my loan consolidated.

I noticed that my car makes an odd vibrating noise when I get to and stay exactly at any speed between 35 and 45. So I went to my Honda dealer in Anderson and a mechanic rode with me to hear the noise. He gave a long explanation, but the bottom line is, nothing is wrong with my car. Something about the engine or exhaust not being bolted but instead mounted more flexibly. When I stick at a low speed it makes overdrive kick in, but since it's a low speed it taxes the engine. This is exactly why I don't do hardware!

Lean went home this weekend so I checked on the kitties today. They are so sweet! They were snuggled up together in the folds of her bedspread. Awwww!

I was supposed to clean a lot today but I didn't. Tomorrow a maintenance guy is coming to look at my carpet and my dishwasher. My carpet looks awful. I hope they replace it. (I asked Lean how I could explain the lube stain and she came up with something good. I'm supposed to say I had just purchased some bath oil and it spilled. Nice, huh?!) They "fixed" my dishwasher a few weeks ago, but it still is doing a terrible job. It doesn't clean at all. I think they may give me a new one. Apparently, mine is pretty old. So all this means that when I leave tomorrow, I have to put Abbs in the bathroom, because she would woof and try to protect the fort if a strange guy came in. Sweet protector girl.

You know that show where the weird guy does gross jobs? I just saw part of it and he was sticking his arm in a horse's booty to try and harvest eggs or something. Poor horse. That makes me sad because they can't explain to the horse what's going on, and that they don't want to hurt her. 😦

I got my splurge meal at Some Guy's tonight and it was VERY tasty. Their blue cheese is to die for! However, I got a sick tummy, which wasn't a problem all last week. Good food = bad tummy.

I was supposed to do something with Poorge last week, but didn't make specific plans. I've been busy trying to get my life in order, so I have 100 things to do. I still need to give Russ his damn monitor and get my poor books and CDs that are being held hostage.

I forgot to mention a few things that happened last week. First off, before I started, the boss lady asked if I needed any special pens or office supplies, which I thought was SO awesome. They are so good to their employees. It's refreshing and makes me want to do a good job for them. So last week, they got these fancy mechanical pencils for us. I know this is nerdy, but I love cool pens and pencils. I was very excited! It's a rad pencil and it makes a clicky noise. Woooot! Also, I was working with the owner on a particular chapter and when we finished he said, "We're so blessed to have you!" How nice is that?!? That kind of stuff goes a long way. Excellent!

Also last week, I heard from 2 people about Web jobs. I'm not sure what to do, but I think I'll just pursue them and see what happens. I would hate to leave my company now, but if I got a stellar Web job, it would be hard to resist.

I hope Joaquin wins and Oscar tonight! *drool* *pant* More later!


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