Indulgent Lazy Sod

Guess where I am? I’m sitting in my car in the Osco prescription drive through. That’s right, I’m blurging it from my car. How’s that for lazy and trifling?! I’m too cool to go inside to drop of my prescriptions and then loiter in the uncomfortable waiting area beside the blood pressure machine. It’s only fun to check your blood pressure so many times. This particular apothecary’s waiting area is even near all the fun hair thingies, but it’s just not enough! I normally try to avoid the prescription drive through, temping as it may be, because it’s kind of lazy and I assume more-elderly folks could make better use of it. But tonight, it’s raining, I’m feeling self-indulgent and I don’t want to stand around with nothing to do but try to remember all the blurg ideas that are suddenly spilling from my mind. Oh yeah, true story! If I sit down to blog it, half the time I draw a blank. It’s not until I pack up my stuff and head for the terlet that ideas start coming to me. And then they come in waves, one clever, whitty idea after another.

P.S. The pharmacist is a Q-T! He gave me a look though. It said, “You’re young and hip. Get your arse in here and quit clogging up the drive through!” I just smiled and gave him the URL of my blog.


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