Stinky Booty

I read a blog entry today that made me cringe. As I read, I felt the mercury of embarrassment rising in my throat. Poor, poor lady! In general, I feel I’ve experienced a great deal more embarrassing moments than the average person. This may seem ridiculous, but from inside this bumbling, giggly mass of Mymsiness, it rings true. For the record, I will share one of my more humiliating experiences.

I was in Btown on campus at the older building that has a gym. You know the one. I planned to swim laps, so I had my swim suit on under a t-shirt and shorts. I strolled past several intense games of basketball and a few GNC freaks pumping iron. Suddenly, I felt a loose, uncomfortable sensation. I looked down to find my shorts around my ankles! Apparently, elastic-waist shorts are vulnerable to shifting when unable to grip slick, slippery swim suit fabric. “Who cares? You had on a swim suit,” you say? True, but most of the people in the gym couldn’t see my suit. They only saw my t-shirt, my bare legs and my shorts in a bundle at my ankles. I resisted the temptation to shout, “It’s no big deal people! I’m wearing a swim suit!” I simply bent over, pulled my shorts up with as much grace as I could muster and continued on my way.

Ah…I feel better having told that story. Proud? No. Better? A little.

I probably will have to work late today and tomorrow. Of course if I weren’t blogging it right now, I might be finished with my work. But I find it difficult to sit and work for hours on end without various distractions like talking to Ern and reading New York Hack.

I have a quandary wrapped in a pot sticker. It all started back when I was car shopping. In my search to find a low-mileage, $2000, reliable Accord with heated seats and a 6-disk CD changer, I visited many dealers. Most of the people I worked with were rude assholes. A particular salesman at one of the local Toyota dealers was VERY nice, patient and helpful. He stood out, in a sea of slimy pooheads. I teach and so I know that people will complain with little provocation but rave only rarely. So I went to that dealer’s Web site and sent them an e-mail saying thanks and that the salesman is a great guy. I told them I’ve only ever had Hondas, and I ended up buying another, but if I hadn’t done so, I would’ve wanted a Toyota and I would’ve bought it from them. I also told them I would recommend them to anyone who asked me. Well today, at 4:10 p.m., that salesman called my mobile to thank me! He said he’d never been so pleased not making a sale and he appreciated that I took the time to send my note. He was SO nice and sweet and thanked me up and down and told me about his daughter who is going to college and his student loans! My phone interview was supposed to begin at 4:15 p.m., and naturally, the interviewer lady called my mobile right on time. I didn’t know what to do, because the guy was so grateful and complimentary and pleased, and obviously wanted to chat and thank me. Afterward, I realized I should have just said, “I have to go because I have a phone interview right now,” but at the time, that didn’t occur to me. So the phone interview lady left a message sounding disappointed and disapproving of my unprofessional non-answering behavior. I called back at 4:20 p.m., but she didn’t answer. I left a message at her home and her office. I told her I got stuck in a meeting. Maybe she’ll buy it. I made a point to pay it forward, and I may have lost a job opportunity because of it! Just goes to show you that kindness NEVER pays! 😛


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