Wedding Jitters

I think my brother is starting to get nervous about the wedding. If you don’t know, he’s getting married in Mexico in April. When I talked to him last week, I asked if there was anything I could do to help with the wedding. I wasn’t able to do anything during all of the car/hematoma/ankle/Russ/job change stress. So yesterday, he sent me this e-mail:

Here’s what you could do to help for the reception. Ask or call Amy and see what she needs. Her cell is ##########. Maybe ask her about the wedding too. Do you have flip flops? Would you like some? I can get you some really cool ones at The Gap Outlet

Amy is my brother’s fiance’s sister.

I assume he asked me about flip flops because:

  1. We sometimes exchange clothing-related notables i.e., “Eddie Bauer has comfortable shorts on sale.”
  2. The wedding is on the beach.

When I saw my brother online later that day, I sent him a message. Following is our conversation:

Me: Hey-I got your message. I will call or e-mail amy tomorrow. Do you have some deal on the flip flops?

Him: yeah

Him: flip flops?

Me: what about them?

Him: you asked

Me: I asked what?

Him: About flips

Me: I don’t understand what your question is

Him: Were you wanting flops

Me: are they special oens?

Him: ?

Him: No

Me: ok, then no thanks

Him: They are at the gap outlet

Him: Did pa tell you?

Him: They were mens

Me: No-you told me in an e-mail

Him: Ah

Him: Do u have flops

Me: Of fcourse

Me: ‘cide 2 try and get me to wear men’s shoes.

Hehe. We’re good at communication.


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