Another Weekend Draws to a Close

They’re selling all sorts of cool scrapbooking stuff on the Home Shopping Network! I want to order 100 of each item. I have such a problem resisting paper-related crafts. Maybe I have some sort of bark deficiency.

This was a relatively uneventful weekend. Friday I came home and hit the hay. I’m such a party animal. I rested a lot on Saturday too. Today I got up, cleaned a bit and then met Russ. Let me just say that it SUCKED ASS carrying his huge monitor to my car and trying to make it fit in my trunk. UGH! Then, when I met Russ, it was stuck in my trunk and he couldn’t get it out. Another reason I do _not_ do hardware. I got my CDs back-I’m so excited to listen to all the JRC ones. Apparently Russ spilled coffee in his car, so it got all over my books, but it’s no biggie, because they weren’t very expensive. We ended up having lunch at Abuelo’s, which was yummy. We lingered for quite a long time, catching up, and talking about being single again. I’m wondering what God has in store and why I haven’t met “the one” yet. Or what if Chris was my one and I don’t get another? That’s a cheery thought. We had an idea that we could start an Indy Singles group but it would only be for people who want to have sex. Isn’t that romantic? 😉 Tonight Lean and I watched the “He’s just not that into you” guy on Orpah. Equally cheery!

I was supposed to accomplish a lot more cleaning and errands than I did this weekend. I like to make detailed lists of what I’m going to do and then totally ignore the list.

Today it was sunny and warm and WONDERFUL. I feel tons better when the sun is out. I’m so excited for spring and summer. WOOT!

Lean and I were talking about wanting to move to Hawaii. Apparently she thought about going there for a year or two as well. I would LOVE it. I may look into some options. Maybe there is a nerd exchange program and I could do IT there for 6 months or a year and some Hawaii nerd could come do my job for awhile.

I was hoping Bernard might have a chance to call tonight but I didn’t hear from him. I feel awful because I keep missing his calls for various reasons. I’m going to write him a letter tomorrow. Hopefully we can catch up soon.

I haven’t heard from Poorod in a few weeks. I can’t even be bothered to call him.

I just got home. I hung out at Lean’s tonight and then went for a drive. Whenever I get home, Abby plays for awhile and shows her belly and rolls around on the floor like a happy pup. She’s showing her belly right now and it’s pretty. She’s a lady. I brushed her today and got TONS of fluff.

It’s spring break this week so I don’t have to teach, which is very nice. I’m enjoying the break. I need to get some cleaning finished before Great Ern comes on Thursday. She’s going to D.C. with Jern, so I’m going to watch Kiara. I’ll have to remember to take lots of pictures of Abby and Kiara while she’s away. Frisky pups…I hope they don’t try to take over the apartment. Two puppies vs. one Mama. Hmm…

Once again, it’s late and I’m not tired because I slept in all weekend. I must stop doing that. It throws off my schedule. I’m too old for all these schedule changes.

Lean and I watched part of a cheesy Hilary Duff movie tonight. I think it was called Cinderella. You can imagine the depth of the plot. It was cute though, and made both Lean and I want to make out with a fun, sweet cutie boy. I mean, make out at different times. I don’t generally do tag team making out. I guess that would be good if you had a boy who really liked to make out, but your face got tired and you needed someone to take over for awhile.

I forgot to mention that Lean and I saw Failure to Launch. We about going to The Libertine but it’s long and probably depressing, so we opted for the cheesy romantic comedy. Man, SJP and MM had NO chemistry but MM is deliciously H-O-T and his buddies in the movie were cute too. Beyond that, it wasn’t anything to write in your blog about. I’m beginning to wonder if SJP is that great of an actress.

Oooooo! It turns out it’s National Craft Week on HSN! I love watching people do crafties. I have like 15 halfway-complete projects. I wish I had more space and the I could have a craft room. Maybe someday I will!

I had something else to write about, but I’ve totally forgotten what it is. Dammit! I hate when that happens. I guess you’ll just have to wait with baited breath until I blerg it again. Sweet dreams!

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