Start-of-the-Week Doldrums

Mondays suck. Thankfully, Tuesdays are a little better. Yesterday, we had a company meeting and it was pretty intense. The owner said we need to stop taking so much sick time and start being more precise and productive. I agree about the precise stuff. The bulk of the “editing” I’m doing is actually re-writing courses with the user in mind. I pare down sentences, strip out rhetoric and try to offer examples. One of the instructional designers is a machine guy. He knows about the flex capacitor and the wiggledy widget, but isn’t the greatest course designer. He’s very sweet and patient though, which is great. Hopefully, we can learn from each other.

I have an interview tomorrow for a Web development position at you-know-where. It’s official – I definitely definitely definitely miss doing Web development. I will do some in my current position, but I think I want it to be a major portion of my work…along with writing, instructional design, training, animals, research and lawyering. Is that too much to ask?!

Amy called last night and we had a great chat. I miss her SOOOOO much! I especially miss our long, lingering dinners and chats. I want to visit CT sometime soon. I’ve never been and from what I’ve heard, Hartford is a liberal, up-and-coming town with lots to see and do AND it’s close to NYC. Woooot!

Alright, something has changed about my typing, or my keyboard is a lemon. It seems like I have to go to great lengths to capitalize my sentences. It’s so frustrating! I have to go back each time, even though I’m CERTAIN I’m pressing the Shift key to begin with. Maybe it’s something about the keyboard. Or maybe my timing has changed by a tenth of a second, thereby tearing a hole in the delicate fabric of my typing!

I got groceries last night and in the line, the bagger girl was saying that 2 girls were killed in a fire in Broad Ripple. Apparently, their family had a heating bill of $1900 and they couldn’t pay it, so they were lighting fires to try and keep warm. Isn’t that so sad? It makes me mad as hell too! The heating company should have flagged that case and investigated to try and help. It’s not like they charged diamond rings or something. Since the girls’ funeral, there has been a HUGE outpouring of support from the community. That’s wonderful, but I’m sad it wasn’t available to the family before. I want to be volunteering. I’ve wanted to volunteer at the animal shelter. Hopefully once things are more sorted out, I can do that. I got an application to volunteer at that rad store near me that sells stuff from all over the world, but the profits go right back to the people in the originating country. They have the most amazing tea sets.

I have a lot of laundry to do tonight, or great Ern will have to sleep on an old hand towel.


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