A Fur Ball & a Birthday Card Are All I Need for an Evening of Fun

Ben's Birthday Card & Abby's Fur Ball

This is the birthday card I made for Bernard tonight. I hope it’s not too childish. I had fun making it and I got to use my fancy eyelet setter.

The fur ball is from Abby’s haunches. I just barely tugged and got all that fur! Fluffy girl!

On the down side, I banged my knee into my desk TWICE and both times hurt like a mother. I’m good at operant conditioning.

All in all, I’ve had a productive evening. I finished up the laundry in preparation for Great Ern’s arrival. We will rest on clean, fresh-smelling, lovely sheets. Tomorrow, I need to vacuum and dust and then we’re going to see a movie. Should we see V for Vendetta or Transamerica?


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