‘chokes & ‘apples

I just read in the March ’06 issue of Martha Stewart Living that artichokes and pineapple are in season. Uh-meeee! I’m a big fan of the ‘chokes, especially the hearts. But it’s fun to eat the meat from the leaves too, with lovely, herbed mayonnaise. And although it’s not my favorite fruit, I surely do like the pineapple. FYI: there is such a thing as the California Artichoke Advisory Board? I bet having worked there looks good on a resume!

I think the interview at you-know-where went well. I would learn tons about dynamic Web development and Flash. The guy who led my interview said he’ll ask his favorite candidates back for second interviews. *fingers crossed*

I’ve done some major slacking at work today. I should complete a few tasks that I can use to spread across the day so it seems like I did a lot. I’m a team player!


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