I have to leave for my interview in a few minutes and I’m all jittery and nervous! I’m telling the people at my current job that I have a doctor’s appointment. I feel guilty because they’re all great and have been really good to me. It’s nothing against this job, just that I miss Web dev. I’m going to slink out soon, and hopefully it won’t take too long. I have to go to the east side. I hope I don’t run into any rowdy gangs!

I read a blog entry this morning about what to do if your eye pops out of its socket, which is called globe luxation. Can you imagine? It makes my eyes water just thinking about it!

When I got home on Monday, there was a note from a repairman saying he was working on my dishwasher. When I got home last night, the dishwasher was running and there was a bottle of lime cleaner on the kitchen counter. The dishwasher ran ALL night, and was still going when I left this morning. I’m assuming it’s doing some sort of über cleaning cycle. I was sort of embarrassed to call and ask. I hope it’s not going to blow up from wash fatigue.

My car is officially ready for its first inside cleaning. The dash is dusty as hell. I love the sun, but when it’s out, I see a muddled, powdery layer glistening in the sunlight.


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