Make the Barking STOP

Poor Kiara. She must be a nervous puppy. She has barked ALL weekend. Her bark is quite shrill and sometimes it turns into a howl. I think she’s just jittery about staying somewhere without her Mama. She’s stayed in the bedroom most of the weekend, snuggled up by the pillows. I go in occasionally and snuffle with her. Today is a perfect day to take the pups for a long walk, but I have to write a module for a course. We did have a short frisk this morning. We went down to the lake and of course, Abby got in the water. Now she’s a stinky girl.

I don’t think Kiara is used to someone listening to music, because she got especially skittish when I started playing CDs. Now she’s calming down, courtesy of Ray Charles’ Hard Times.

She can be a trifling puppy! Abby only stands by the door if she’s desperate to go out. Otherwise, she’s just patient and knows I’ll take her out at the right times. This weekend, when I took Abbs out, I’d go into the bedroom to get Kiara and she would refuse to come! She wouldn’t budge. Then I’d take Abbs out, come back in and get settled, and then Kiara would scratch at the door. OR one time she scratched at the door and when I got up to take her out, she had gone into the bedroom and refused to get up! She’s a silly head!

Kiara sometimes gets frisky and growls and snaps at Abbs. I know she just wants to play, but the snapping is unacceptable. She did it twice and I said “NO!” in a deep voice and made her sit. She looked surprised, but she hasn’t done it since. Abby is such a wus. She’s still skittish around Kiara, but they’re beginning to get more comfortable…just in time her Ern to pick up Kiara tonight.

All in all, Kiara is a very sweet puppy and the fur on the side of her belly is shiny and super soft. It’s funny to take care of a smaller dog. She’s light and quick and doesn’t shed like Abbers. Maybe I can trick Ern into taking Abby home instead of Kiara. I have to make Abby a Kiara costume. Guess I’ll need to go to JoAnn Fabric and get some materials.

I splurged yesterday and got the Pesto Mambo from Pizza Express. Girrrrrrl, it is SOOO yummy. The olives, the feta, the ‘chokes, oh my! I was introduced to Pizza Express in Btown. They have a deal called the Big Ten. You get a 1-topping pizza, bread sticks, and 2 drinks in Pizza Express cups for $10. I think they’ve raised their prices since then, but it’s still a very good deal and their pizza is the bomb! When I moved to Indy, I missed Pizza Express sooooo much but finally, they built one downtown and one in Broad Ripple. Woooooot!

Those apartment bitches said they fixed my dishwasher. It’s better, but still not great. I get this yucky white film in the bottom off my cups and glasses, plastic and otherwise. What is that? How do I get rid of it? I’ve switched dishwashing detergents a few times. I’ve tried Palmolive liquid and Jet Dry tablets with little success. I simply cannot hand wash all my dishes. Suggestions, please?!


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