Big Freak Love

Lean and I watched a new HBO show last night called Big Love. Girrrrrl, it was creepy! It’s about a family of polygamists in Utah. There are 3 wives, one of whom is the “first wife.” She’s kind of the leader wife and the other wives call her the boss lady. I love the lady who plays the youngest wife; she played Johnny Cash’s first wife in Walk the Line. Anyway, this particular family doesn’t attend a Mormon church. They’re nouveau Mormon in that they’re relatively modern, but old school Mormon in that they’re polygamists and the Mormon church has banned polygamy. (A statistic at the end of the show said estimates of the number of polygamists in the United States who practice some form of Mormonism are between 20,000 and 40,000.)

So the husband came from a freak compound out in the middle of nowhere in Utah, where old men marry 14-year-old girls. It’s creepy and dusty and someone is trying to poison this old guy. I predict it will be a popular show. It’s very intriguing and I sort of liked watching it, but it also made me feel dirty.

Earlier today, I was telling The Bumpster how I doodled a lot in my meeting this morning and he said I should “share my doodles.” Huhuhuhuh…doodles…share.

And if you’re curious about how my hair experiment turned out-my hair was very, very wavy and floofy and soft. Next time I’ll take a piccy, if I can figure out my advanced digital camera. If I use the zig zag thingies again, I won’t leave them in as long.

The Bumpster wanted to see my doodles. Huhuhuhuhuh.

P.S. The weather gods are predicting a FEROCIOUS winter storm tonight. I heard 8″. I’m ready for spring, so this simply can’t happen. Right guys? Right?


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