Wiggety Wiggety Wack Y’all

It’s been a busy and stressful day, sprinkled with crunchy embarrassing bits. We had a meeting with a client this morning to show them the first course we created. The Flash developer didn’t have time to make a lot of the necessary edits, so it wasn’t very polished. Also, one of the people we worked with approved our content and then in the meeting, changed EVERYTHING. We went through the course, sentence by sentence. UGH!!! It was a mess. But I learned a lot that will hopefully help me in the future.

I got a call from a recruiter a few weeks ago about a position doing a lot of communication/marketing writing and some Web work. I turned it down because I want something with lots of Web development. Well, the owner of the company just left a message on my voice mail. He said my skills are excellent and perfect for the job, and he wants to see if he can get me to change my mind! I think I’ll give the guy a call and see what the scoopage is. Flattering! *beam*

My Honda dealer people sent me paperwork to take to the BMV to get my new car tags. They sent it certified mail but I wasn’t home to sign when it arrived. The mail person left a note saying I was supposed to pick up the paperwork at the post office. I hardly ever check my mail because it’s always bills (most of which I pay online), so by the time I found the note and went to the post office, they had already returned the paperwork to the dealer. Meanwhile, I’m driving with an expired, temporary dealer plate. I was very irritated, so I called my two contacts at the dealer. No one called me back so I kept leaving increasingly irritated messages. I found out today that both of my contacts just happened to be on vacation last week. Oops. Let’s hope I don’t get pulled over before I can go to the damn BMV.

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