Once Again, Work Is Cutting Into My Blogging Time

Whud up y'all? I wanted to blog it last night, but I ended up on the horn with Pappy for several hours. We talked a lot about the wedding and all the odd details we know. This is going to be an interesting affair but if it gets bumpy, I won't hesitate to fly back home immediately!

There is some interesting triangulation going on already with my bro's fiance and her sister. The sister told me she wants to bring chocolate body paint to the bachelorette party that my Mom and her step-Mom are attending. She's good at boundary.

Turns out Pappy may be moving to NYC! I'm sure he will like it and he'll be about the same distance from me as he is now. He shouldn't drive but in NYC will be able to use the excellent public transportation system. He will also have access to lots of art, shows, exhibits, classes and performances, all of which he loves.

When I talked to my Mom yesterday, she told me again about all the jobs in Texas. I'm not sure what to do about location. But I'm working on the me stuff for now, and then in about a year, I'll be ready to address the career/locale stuff.

I have lots to say but little time. I'm off to teach. After class I'm rushing to Lean's to watch Lost. Lean is taking Abbers out for me. Hopefully I'll have another change to blurg later tonight.

P.S. Even though I only have a little time, I still took the time to create the span tags for "lots" and "little" and write an inline style for each, to make "lots" bigger and "little" smaller. I'd say that qualifies as my #10 Nerdy Web Developer Behavior. You can read all about my #10 Nerdy Journalistic Behavior here. The rest of the lists will soon be revealed!

P.P.S. I'm SUCH a nerd that even though I should have left the office 10 minutes ago, I took time to spell check this entry and reference the original March 8, 2006 #10 Nerdy Journalistic Behavior entry to see if I capitalized "my" in front of "#10 Nerdy Journalistic Behavior." I wanted to be consistent. I think you know what this means. Ladies and gentlemen, you've just read my (note the case!) #9 Nerdy Journalistic Behavior! WOOOOT!

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