A New Shortcut

InstructionalDesigner#1 taught me a shortcut the other day. It basically makes it easier for me to get to the highway and go downtown. I’m the kind of girl who LOVES a good shortcut. I feel so efficient and wise and mindful of the city’s nooks and crannies. In Bloomington, I had some really good shortcuts. But sometimes there were problems. My Mom said that some of my shortcuts weren’t shorter, rather they didn’t include any times when you were sitting and waiting. Mymsie’s shortcut = always in motion.

Bernard pointed out that some of my shortcuts are in fact longcuts. In my mind, it seems quick and linear but in real life, it’s not. Sometimes, people like Bernard and my Mom and Great Ern sass and make fun.

I’ll eventually do an About page but one of the “Funny Things About Mymsie” is that I’m directionally challenged. I’m a land mark girl.

  • “Turn left at the house where there’s a bra hanging on the line.”
  • “It’s just down the road from Dairy Queen.”

That’s me. I’m THAT girl. I’m improving though! I would love to get a compass and keep it in my car. Then I would always know what direction I’m going. I love how some people say, “Just go north five blocks and then east a few miles.” What the hell? How do you know which way is north at any given time? That’s not a chip in my memory.

P.S. Lean just sent me a message letting me know the number of bodily functions Abby performed when she took her out. Lean is sweet and wonderful and helpful, and takes Abby out on days when I have to teach, and can’t come home beforehand to take her outside. Needless to say, Lean’s description was far more graphic than the one I afforded you. Be thankful.


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