My Downtime Requirements

As you may have guessed by now, I’m a big fan of lists. I’m always writing, reorganizing, re-filing and reviewing them. I have a list of groceries to buy, a list of bills to pay, a list of goals I’d like to attain, a list of books I want, a list of information about Abby from the vet, a list of presents a friend would like, a list of my Mom’s and Dad’s social security numbers and birth dates and…and…and.

(Stage left, aside to audience: While quaint and indicative of my perfectionist nature, my list making also reflects a tendency to pile guilt and shame on myself for not having accomplished enough – or enough in a timely manner – or enough compared with my peers – or enough based on arbitrary scales that I may or may not have designed using correlational research and Markov chain algorithms. Um, anyway…I get overwhelmed and then end up doing nothing. I can make a list of all the different times I’ve done that, BTW.)

Today, I stumbled upon Cheney’s list of downtime requirements. I shall pay homage to this notion with a list of my own.

*clears throat*

Mymsie’s Downtime Requirements

  • 500 soft, lop-eared buns
  • 10 jars of maraschino cherries
  • Television turned on and tuned to Designing Women
  • Coke fountain and grenadine for making drinks cherry-licious
  • All my current CDs and any CDs I will ever want, to be intuited by one of my minions
  • Abby
  • Three boys I’ve always had crushes on
  • Soft woobie
  • Pleasure swing
  • Beach
  • Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Condoms, discretely tucked into individual envelopes of varying colors, primarily in the jewel-tone family
  • 15 Pyr puppies
  • Inflatable canoe
  • Craft area, stocked with supplies from Michael’s
  • Four Certs arranged in a pyramid shape on the edge of the tub in the bathroom
  • Movie theatre
  • Really fast metabolism
  • World peace

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