Bad Dreams

I can’t believe I haven’t blurged it since last week! I’ve got the shakes. I need a fix! I spent a lot of time on Saturday setting up a WordPress blog. I want to get my own domain and build a database, but that will take awhile. I figured in the meantime, I could take advantage of some of WordPress’s features like categories and comments. Bring on yo’ comments! I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about what I’m thinking.

I say this every Monday, but I was really lazy this weekend. Lean and I were going to see Tsotsi on Friday. She couldn’t see the late show because she had to work Saturday. I didn’t know that because I left my phone at home, so by the time I got home Friday, it was too late. Saturday I assisted an Excel class and then spent a few hours setting up my blog. Yesterday I slept too much and didn’t accomplish a lot. I need to stop doing that because it throws off my whole sleep pattern. Plus I had all these terrible dreams, even during my naps. They all had violence and fear and people around me were getting hurt. It was terrible. 😩

I think I had bad dreams because I’m getting nervous about Mexico. The whole process has been very stressful. My brother is still being hateful to my Mom, which is infuriating. I understand he’s frustrated because she doesn’t have a job yet, but she’s doing the best she can and it’s not helpful to be mean.

We don’t know anything about my brother’s fiancé’s family. My parents tried to contact her parents and they didn’t respond. Get a manner.

I think my Dad is getting manic, which does not bode well. There are sketchy details emerging as well. For example, in order to actually get married in Mexico, you apparently have to go through a bit of a hullabaloo. My bro and fiancĂ© didn’t tell my Dad any of that. My Dad could get in trouble for “marrying” a couple in Mexico, without regard to its laws. So my bro and his fiancĂ©’ got married Saturday and then in Mexico, my Dad will just do a blessing. Apparently my bro was trying to talk Pappy into doing the marriage, like he would do that without researching everything.

Also my brother called yesterday and said once our flights land, we have to walk a mile from the airport to the hotel. I told him if that’s the case, I’m not coming. It really pissed me off. He finally said he was joking and I told him it’s not funny and I’m sick of all this bullshit. I told him things had been very stressful and he got mad, but that’s too bad.

Because of the time my Mom has to be at the airport, she has to go the night before and get a hotel room. Like you can pay for a hotel room when you don’t have a job. My Dad hasn’t even been driving for awhile now but his flight leaves at such a time that he doesn’t want to ask his friends to help. So he has to drive to Miami in the middle of the night. That makes me VERY nervous. I’m so mad at my brother and can’t wait for this hideous affair to be over.

I got e-mail from B this weekend. I hadn’t heard a peep from him in 2 weeks. He apologized and said he has a ticket, but no passport. He might have his passport by Wednesday. Blah blah blah. I’m over it.

Poor Russ called on Saturday. I feel sad because I can tell he’s trying to please me. Sounds like things are the same for him. He wanted to hang out some time. I told him to call me after the wedding. There is NO chance in us being more than friends, but I don’t mind hanging out occasionally. We’ll see.


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