Commode, Billfold, Pocketbook

These are terms I learned growing up, but after my family moved from NC to WI, I don’t recall hearing any Yankees use them.  I remember all the kids making fun of my accent, while they have the most heinous accent of all.  Ooohhhh Nooooooo!

Wisconsonians have their own odd terms.  My friend Jamie called the commode a “stool” and the glove compartment a “console.”  My Dad was a minister and mostly older people attended our church.  It seemed like they all said “blue bird” like this: “blue-bert.”  Odd that. 

Now I say “purse” instead of “pocket book” and “wallet” instead of “billfold.”  In general, I don’t talk about terlets (or if I do, I say terlet) so I don’t have to worry about that one. 

Seems like I’ve always had accent/colloquialisms troubles.  Aside from being a displaced southerner, my ex is British, so I had fun learning all his sayings.  I incorporated a bunch into my vocab, most notably: dodgy, fuckin’ hell and bits.

P.S.  In terms of design, isn’t that WI Web page awful?!  Down with MIDIs and animated GIFs! *hurl*


One Response to “Commode, Billfold, Pocketbook”

  1. Kristie Says:

    woo hoo! you got your page up so we can post too! go you! I have to make something like this up for myself…i used to belong to livejournal and i miss writing things for it.

    it is funny how we use different words. For instance, even though my dad grew up in the Chicago area he sounds like he comes from the south because he says things like “pilla” for pillow and then he inserts letters into words that aren’t there…like tarco for taco. yes there are times that even people that talk everyday with my dad, don’t understand him and give him a weird look and that is the point where us kids step in and say what he means.

    so at least look at it that people aren’t giving yo the looks my dad gets! lol.

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