I’m Back Baby!

Guess who's back in the country? WOOOT! My flight landed in Indy late Monday evening. I walked 100 miles to my car and drove home. I called in sick Tuesday and today, for a variety of reasons. First off, I was very, very tired after the traveling. I HATE FLYING! It makes my tummy and ears feel awful! Also, I got a pretty bad sunburn in Mexico and I'm peely and gross. I just got some cocoa butter, which will hopefully help. I need to start taking better care of my skin. I'm old and will be wrinkly and cancerous if I don't get in gear.

The others reason I've been skipping work is that last Thursday, as I was waiting at the Indy airport, the you-know-who people called to offer me the Web development job! I was VERY excited. The first salary they offered is what I'm making now. Granted, that's quite a jump from my salary at the state but I can't leave a job after only 2 months without a pretty big pay hike. So the HR guy chatted with my boss and they made me a VERY NICE offer. YAY! You know what that means: I'll have more money to pay off my stupid student loans.

So today I filled out an application for the new job. They will check my refs and then the offer will be official. I hope everything works out. I'm nervous about telling my current job. I hope they understand. I like the editing and instructional design, but the topic is SO boring and it's a small company that has quite a distance to cover in terms of organization and processes.

Tonight Lean and I are watching Lost. It's supposed to be a scary one! In the coming days, I'll have lots to tell about my trip. I'm SO glad to be home!


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