Rhymes with Bitchy

My sunburn continues to haunt me. My shoulders and fore arms are SO itchy, I can hardly stand it! I keep slathering on Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. The upshot is that I smell like chocolate, and when I get warm, I smell like hot cocoa. *coo*

Today is my first day back to work. I feel bad that I slacked and missed Tuesday and Wednesday. I have TONS to get caught up on. I think I'll be working extra this weekend to make up the time.

Abby got very, very, very sick last night. I'm not kidding-I have never seen so much vomit in my life. She must have hurled 6 or 7 times. You should see my carpet. It's stained like nobody's business. I called my apartment complex people and begged them to clean that patch of carpet. I told them I will pay if I have to. Noteworthy: Both of Lean's cats hurled when I was at her place last night. Maybe the moon was full. The critters were supposed to howl but they all hurled instead.

Ok, I just asked the boss lady what I should start working on and she seems pissed. She said she's coming over to chat with me in a minute. *gulp*


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