Friday Off & Big Love Catch-Up

I have Friday off since it's Good Friday! I should work that day to make up hours I missed from Mexico. Maybe I'll still work, but work from home instead. I guess Great Ern and I could go to the cabin early. Hmm, we'll have to see.

I got caught up on the last 2 Big Loves at Lean's last night. Chloe Sevigny is SO good at being annoying. Her hair makes me DESPISE marmish french braids. What is Bill going to do when he finds out about the debt?? I wonder if Roman's youngest wife will love the iPod and realize that she shouldn't be married to that old, gnarly perv.

I can't remember the name of the daughter who got drunk from cough syrup, but that was weird. I didn't know kids do that! Also, Margeen is still hysterical to me. I love her inappropriate relationship with the oldest son.

There was a segment on polygamy on Larry King Live the other day, but I only caught part of it. Some journalist made a documentary about what he calls "The Lost Boys." They're the young, handsome fellas who are driven from communities so the old, scraggly guys can marry the young, pretty girls. Yuckers. 


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