Go Me, It’s My Burfday

I just finished class and it rocked! This is the 3rd class in our Dreamweaver series. Only 5 students attended. They were all antsy to finish quickly, so they all agreed that I teach an abridged version of the class. They loved it and said it was perfect for advanced students. That is one of the challenges we face, because in advanced classes, some users don’t want their hands held, but there are always some who do. It’s difficult to know what to do when leading savvy users. That’s one of the many things about instructional design that interests me.

Some comments from tonight’s class include:

  • There were advanced students in the class and the pace was quick. Mymsie did an amazing job going over the content at a quick speed. The class was completely done in 1:15 mins instead of the regular 3 hours.
  • This is a great class.
  • Mymsie is H-O-T! Can I get her number??
  • Mymsie is the best instructor I’ve EVER had! She’s pretty and smart and she smells like roses and bee bottoms!!!
    2 cool +
    2 be
    4 gottenGLTS!!

Ok, so I made up the last 2, but the first 2 are real dammit.

One of the participants is getting his graduate degree in Instructional Design. He’s very nice and gave me lots of info and some nice compliments to boot.  He said you can take 5 IST classes before deciding if it’s what you want to get a master’s degree in. If you want to continue, you take the GRE and then 7 more classes. His classes and the things he told me about sound SO interesting and right up my alley. I may do ID after.

Best of all, it’s 7:20 p.m. and I can go home! WooooOOOOOooooot!


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