Poppin’ Bottles in tha Club

Lean and I are in the club house, downloading porn and checking out the Lost blogs. If Lost turns out to be purgatory or some scientific experiment, I’m going to be annoyed. I may have to stop watching anyway because it’s too scary for me.

There are signs all over the apartment complex for this poor girl’s cat, who’s missing. Lean has a humane cat trap that she’s going to lend the girl. I feel so bad for her. If Abby were missing I would cry for 100 days.

Lean has a big interview this week so I’m totally reorganizing critiquing her resume under the ridiculous presumption that I know what I’m doing.

Yesterday I went to Stooph’s son’s first birthday party. Everyone had the cutest babies! I felt out of the loop. They had delicious-looking cake. I wanted to shove everyone out of the way and dive into the cake face first. Instead, I politely turned down a sliver and wiped the drool from my chin.

I also got groceries yesterday, which I realize isn’t very exciting. However, I saw a new type of Diet Dr. Pepper called Berries & Cream. I’ll let you know how it tastes. I’m not normally a fan of cream sodas, but I have a feeling this will be tasty. Isn’t my life exciting?

Russ called yesterday; I was worried he would. He still wants to hang out at the Rathskeller sometime. I feel bad for him because I know things are really rough with his kid.

Today I slept a lot and unpacked. Next weekend, Ern and I are going to the cabin, so I’m getting excited! I hope we have nice weather. We can bring marshmallows and roast turnips.

Speaking of turnips, how funny is the story about the giant bun terrorizing the English countryside?! Hee.

Poorod and I have been playing phone tag. I may see if he wants to come over this week.

Just for the record, I was not a good teacher yesterday. It was our 2nd Photoshop class and I’m not comfortable with all the duotone shit in the beginning, so I was nervous and fluttery. At least it was a small class. I have to teach a new Dreamweaver workshop tomorrow, which should be fun. Love the Dreambeaver.

I miss my Pappy. It was so good to see him in Mexico. He’s hoping to come sometime around May or June and stay with me for a few weeks. I can’t wait.

I forgot to mention that I went to Lean’s last night and we watched Can’t Buy Me Love. How gorgeous is Patrick Dempsey? YUM! Lean’s friends from the ‘bucks Margot and Molly came over. They were sweet and fun and young, both around 25-years-old. Molly is going to a church she likes so Lean and I are going to try it the weekend after Easter. Then we’ll drink coffee at the ‘bucks and worship capitalism.


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