Fun Games I Came Up With At Work Today

To keep from accomplishing even a small amount of work today, I’ve created two fantastic games.

  1. The “End Everything with ‘ies'” Game
  2. The “Letspretendthespacebarisbroken” Game

To demonstrate how fun and effective Game #1 is, I present the following conversation. It may help to note that Great Ern and I are going camping this weekend:

  • Me: Saturday is my splurge day, so I’m game for whatever we want to make. Hammies, hotties, definitely marshies
  • Me: Even though I don’t really like marshies
  • Me: But I will steal all your chocies and grammies and make you eat the burned marshies I make
  • Me: Isn’t this ‘ies’ game fun?
  • Me: :-B
  • Great Ern: 🙂
  • Me: Big bun
  • Great Ern: I’ll probably get a few things on Thursday. Like marshmellows, chips and water. I may or may not share with you.
  • Great Ern: If you rub my feet for me you will earn 2 marshmellows
  • Great Ern: Mmm. toasted mellows are yummy. Raw mellows are gross
  • Great Ern: Wow. That bun is huge
  • Me: Big man bun

To demonstrate how fun and effective Game #2 is, I present the following conversation:

  • Me: BLECH
  • Me: I blech a lot today
  • Me: letspretendthespacebarisbroken
  • Great Ern: oksoundsliketonsoffunbutit’shardtobreakthehabit
  • Me: youjustwanttopressthatdodgyspace
  • Great Ern: iburpsoyouaren’taloneinyourbelching
  • Great Ern: iwndrifyoucnrdwhtimtypng
  • Me: nvwls!
  • Great Ern: xpti
  • Great Ern: It’s only 3pm. 😦
  • Me: Um, I had gotten a box of blueberry morning cereal, actually kroger’s generic brand, that goes on the list of things, along with peanut butter, that i cannot keep in mind house

Do you see what DEEP and profound conversations occurred as a result of my clever games? There’s no “i” in games, unkay?!

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