It All Started When Abby Rolled in Poo

In a grand Dickensian gesture, to begin describing my day at the beginning of my day, I record that Abby rolled in poo. 

Pop culture sidebar: Recall in Gone With the Wind, when Scarlett is attacked in the Shanty Town. Rhett, Ashley and Dr. Meade plan a raid that night to avenge Scarlett’s honor. The women gather for their sewing circle, but they’re full of fear and doubt, knowing their husbands are participating in the lawless raid. They have to wait nervously and try to keep to their sewing. Melanie offers to read David Copperfield aloud to help the women stay calm.

I love Melanie’s character. She was feminine and soft spoken, but strong in her convictions. She was also wise but always humble and sympathetic. Melanie always thought the best of everyone and wanted to offer them her best herself.

Olivia de Havilland played Melanie and her voice was lovely. It was light and lyrical but perfectly boasted a proud, southern lineage. Because of that, the sound of her reading the name of the first chapter of David Copperfield, “I Am Born,” is forever etched into my memory. It’s the ultimate beginning.

Wow, that was a long sidebar. I think I’ll start a fresh post. 😉


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