Getting Back To My Day

As I was saying, when I took Abby out Wednesday morning, she immediately headed for a spot in the creek that she seems to like. Several minutes later, I discovered why she liked it so much when she emerged, smelling horrendous. Observe:

Abby's Poo Spots

Abby's Poo Spots

That's right. The brown spots on her fur revealed her secret. She'd rolled in poo. It may not look like a lot of poo, but it's the quality of the poo that counts. I don't know whose poo it is, but it's some powerful poo.

Can this regal pup be the same pup who rolled in poo?

Regal Girl

Apparently so.

Extreme Close Up of Abbs

I estimated that the damage wasn't too severe and decided I'd rather deal with dried poo, so I headed to work, leaving the poo spots to dry.

At work, the boss lady announced that I'm leaving. She was very sweet and said I've done so much for the company and that she'll miss me. *sniffle* We all went to a new noodle joint on E. 86th for lunch. I had grilled chicken and Japanese noodles with broccoli and sprouts. It tasted nummy. I secretly wanted the triple cream mac and cheese, but I pretended to be sated with steamed veggies and soy sauce.

The only bad part about the noodle joint was that I stubbed my toe. I was trying to move a table so everyone could sit together. See what happens when you try to do for others??

Stoophers and I made a stop at Michael's afterward. The Michael's we went to is new and it's big baby. Oh yeah. It's full of crafty goodness. The 12 x 12 papers were on sale so I made good use of my disposable income.

I forgot to mention that there was a VERY cute boy at Stooph's son's birthday party. She told me more about him today. Apparently he's single and very successful. She also said he's picky. Regardless, let the stalking begin!

How cute is this screen printed clutch?

I spent the rest of my afternoon peeling sunburnt skin off my arm and shoulders and trying to finish some editing. I also submitted my official resignation letter. Everyone has been so nice. I'm sad to leave. Stoophers said she's sad too, but hopefully we'll hang.

This story sent chills down my spine. It's so sad, I can't really wrap my mind around it.


One Response to “Getting Back To My Day”

  1. Kiara Says:

    Dear Abby,

    Rolling in Poo can be fun. However, I highly recommend rolling in dead fetid bird. It leaves a lovely aroma for all to enjoy.

    Looking forward to our cabin weekend!
    Cousin Kiara.

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