Witness: The Birth of an Idea

People often wonder how B and I come up with material. I think this recent conversation provides some insight into our complicated thought processes. Notice also the care with which B edits, refines and re-edits his thoughts:

Mymsie: Look what Abby did.


B: I canbnot belive they actually took you to lunch after only being there 5 minutes.

Mymsie: Well hello?! That’s the kind of impact I have on people! For them, it’s been an awesome, long ride!

Mymsie: 😀

B: Apparently.

B: How long were you there?

Mymsie: where?

B: At the place you’re leaving.

Mymsie: My last day is April 21, I started at the beginning of Feb

B: Nice.

B: I have gone longer without doing laundry than your servitude to that place.

Mymsie: I never intended to leave so soon, but it’s an incredible offer.

B: I know, girl, I am just smurfing with you.

Mymsie: Someone is wearing that cheesy vanilla perfume

B: Too bad Abb’s isn’t.

B: …poo slut.

Mymsie: nice segue

Mymsie: You should be an evening newscaster



B: That’s a fun game!

Mymsie: Oooooo! GOOD idea!!!!

B: Let’s use obnoxious segue’s to tranition all conversations w/ freinds and co-workers!!!!

Mymsie: I’m loving this idea!

B: Totes!


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