Good Friday

I was supposed to work from home on Friday but I didn't do a lick of work. I rested, cleaned and made some cards. Friday evening, I did some shopping. When I was in Target, there was an announcement that a tornado had been spotted nearby. Chaos ensued. People ran, children screamed and I continued to peruse the health and beauty aids, stalk the Easter chocolate and drool over the fun summer bags. I came very close to buying this in green, because it was on sale for only $10. In the end, I decided it was too boxy. I also resisted buying this, which was especially difficult, because I really, really, really want it. Despite all this, I got some cute, fun stuff, including this in medium (because I want to keep my Mexico tan but not die from evil melanoma), this (after writing this), this (on sale for $9.99), these and this. I bought 2 pair of those gauchos last summer and LOVED 'em, so I was happy to get another pair on sale. The shoes are my first round-toe flats since the 80s. Woots! They're SO comfy. About the CD, I heard Matisyahu on 99x about a month ago. At first, I didn't like the song they played, King Without a Crown, but as I listened, his music grew on me. It's irresistible hip hop meets reggae, but it's spiritual and thankfully lacking all the bitches and hos. From his Web site:

Matisyahu simply seeks to serve as a conduit for the messages of peace and unity that flow through him, to improve the world the world by sharing his music, and without letting ego or worldly desires interfere in that communication.

How much do we love that? Totes buy his CD but beware! He's an Orthodox Jew so he doesn't allow crazy groupies to climb on stage.

So bottom line: I was a big Target slut and on Good Friday of all days. Yeesh.

I rushed home from Target because I didn't want Abbers to be alone in a tornado. She was quite nervous when I got home. We had some vicious thunder and she hates loud noises. She shellacked up next to me as we watched TV for info. After all the hullabaloo, all we got was a strong thunderstorm, for which I am extremely thankful.


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