My Weekend: Part One, By Mymsie Floofenheimer

I had a fantastic, restful long weekend. Great Ern and I rented a cabin in Brookville, IN. We piled Kiara and Abby into Ern's hooptie and hit the road early Saturday morning. The pups did fairly well in the car, only chirping occasionally. Abby spent the bulk of the time making sure her fur covered the entire vehicle and trying to climb up front. When B, Lean and I went to Brookville last fall, we got lost but Ern and I didn't have any troubles. We arrived by noon and much to our delight, the weather was GORGEOUS. I assumed we would be staying in the cabin closest to the main building, but the owner put us in cabin #2. It's nestled further back in the woods:

Our Cutie Cabin

Isn't it cute and quaint? And it's a STEAL at only $50/night. The cabin has a grill, a mini fridge, electricity, heat, AC, a picnic table, a fire pit, bunk beds and a full-size bed. Totes all you need for a weekend o' fun!

Apparently, it had rained a lot in the area so the creek right outside our cabin was bursting with cold, fresh water:

Creek Outside Cabin

On top of that, there were stunning bluebells blooming all over the place:


It was so pretty and peaceful, especially with the gurgling water. The pups got right in the creek and took some long, refreshing drinks.

We decided to drop off the girls and get some lunch. Right as we were leaving the cabin, dodgy Kiara sneaked out the door and RAN. LIKE. HELL. She was very anxious to burn some energy. Within seconds, she was a lot farther than where we could quickly get to on foot, so we got in the car. We drove in the direction she headed and parked in a field. We got out and started shouting for Kiara. Ern was all, "Kiara? Come here pretty girl! Let's go for a hike!" and I was all, "Kiara? Where the f*** are you? Get your ass back here so Mama's friend can get some vittles!"

Finally, Kiara showed herself. She ran toward Ern in a big sweeping circle, but as soon as she got close, she'd dash off, as not to be caught. We tried to round her up, but she wasn't havin' that. She went to a puddle and took a drink and then started running really far away. Ern managed to coax her in our direction. I sat down at a picnic table and pretended to want to praise and pet her. She foolishly ran over and I grabbed her collar. Crisis averted!

After we had Kiara on leash, we saw a snake. That's right…A SNAKE. Can you believe nature's audacity?! There were bees flying around too! The snake was medium sized and slithery and it stuck its nasty forked tongue out at me. Observe, the reptilian offender:



I knew then that we were outward bound baby!

Despite my pleas, Ern decided against dropping Kiara off at the sausage factory, and left her at the cabin with Abbs instead. We headed "in town" for lunch. Brookville is the kind of place in which you say "in town" and "on main street." It's teensy, unkay? We had lunch at Ye Old Shack Family Restaurant. I swear to God that's the name of it, and they make a mean pasta salad. We chowed down and then decided to explore Brookville a little. It turns out Brookville is basically one road, ending in a gas station. Columbus would've yawned and turned his ship around.

After our long, tiring jaunt, we got groceries at the local IGA, including:

  • Hot dogs
  • Refrigerator bread sticks
  • Milk
  • Treats for the pups
  • M&Ms
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Egg

The essentials, right? 😉 We needed condiments, but didn't want to pay for a big container of ketchup, so I stole mustard and ketchup packets from the deli. Yay resourceful me!

Stay tuned for the continuing tale of Mymsie's and Ern's wacky antics in south-eastern Indiana!


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