Life Is What Happens While I’m Busy Making Ridiculous Plans

On of my many "endearing" qualities is my tendency to plan for the worst. It's a neat neurosis, indelibly linked to a fun little behavior called catastrophic thinking. I generally am über sensitive to people's and animals' unfortunate circumstances (sometimes to a fault). I try to put myself in their shoes, or paws, as it were. For example, I occasionally imagine what I would do if I were homeless. I've made mental notes about a few establishments and have some tentative plans in place:

  • I could spend a lot of my day at the library, reading, checking e-mail and looking for a job.
  • If I hitchhiked south, several cavernous, under-utilized buildings on the IU campus in Bloomington are perfect for showering and even sleeping, if I'm careful.
  • Panera always has a box of YUMMY pastries in the entry way. It's a tempting tease for customers, but if I were homeless, I could swing by there for breakfast every day and sneak a croissant or something. (B, Lean and Great Ern all sassed when I told them this.)

Yesterday morning, I stopped at Panera to get a bagel and what did my eyes behold?


Ruh roh! Someone must have noticed Panera's display of bakery goodness and snatched a scone. Looks like Panera is out. Fortunately, I always have a Plan B. 😉


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