The Last Temptation of Mymsie

Stoophers and I were just talking this morning about how our problem food is carbs. I want the bread, the cake, the pasta, all of it! (And by the way, she weighs 5 pounds LESS now than she did before she had her baby…bitch.) Anyway, I went down to the kitchen and there was this evil carb buffet. It contained:

  • Two kinds of bread
  • Biscuits
  • Bread pudding
  • Potato salad
  • Donuts

Are you kidding me?? The only way to make it more tempting would be the addition of mashed tators, pasta (covered in cream and cheese) and my Mom's caramel cake. How dare the universe test my abstinence in such a vicious manner! All of the vittles were on a counter, onto which I wanted to body dive, covering myself in carby goodness. Instead, I heated up my Lean Gourmet and tried not to make eye contact with the delicious treats.


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