Just Finish the Damn Story Already

Great Ern and I only spent one night in Brookville, IN, but apparently I have a lot to say about it! (If you need to catch up on the first and second parts of this story, get to gettin'!)

After our walk along the river, we headed back to the cabin. In a perfectly decadent fashion, we relaxed, read, hung out by the creek with the pups and held down our bunks. Ern insisted on showing off her bushy tail:

Ern's Bushy Tail

Later, she tried to hide behind a tree, but Abbs and Kiara busted her:

Ern Hiding

Kiara meanwhile found a spot she LOVED and pretty much loitered there the whole afternoon and evening. It was very "Where's Waldo?" Can you spot the elusive Kiara dog in her natural habitat?

Where's Kiara?

Abby had some odd behaviors of her own. In general, when in a new situation, she's pretty clingy. She sticks with me, or if I'm not there, she's sticks with an adult she knows, like her Auntie Ern. In a heart-wrenching attempt to be close, she did this:

Abby on Picnic Table and Ern

She got down, after much scolding, but seemed VERY pleased with herself:

Abby on the Ground

Dodgy girl!

We decided to start the fire and prepare for the cooking of vittles. Ern asked me to hunt for kindling. I was a good hunter and found small sticks that weren't dry. I must have gathered three or four of them! πŸ˜‰ One of the logs we used was pretty wet, so we had a lot of smoke for awhile. Just about the time we finished dinner and went to bed, the fire was perfect. πŸ˜›

I jest! Ern did a good job on the fire. We had an idea to wrap refrigerator bread sticks around wieners and roast them over the fire. Who could resist the notion of puffed, crispy bread wrapped around processed meat?? When B and Lean and I came to the cabin before, I tried roasting bread sticks over the campfire and it did not work. The bread stick was either raw or burnt to a crisp. B put one on the grill. We used it as skeet the next day. Ever hopeful, Ern and I thought the bread stick/hot dog idea might work. We mainly ended up with burnt bread and a cold hot dogs. We were fortunate to have PLENTY of Doritos.

In another stroke of brilliance, I suggested we bury an M&M inside a marshmallow, and then roast the marshie. Isn't that a good idea? πŸ˜€ Well, the marshmallow got roasted, but it didn't seem to affect the M&M. We thought about putting a Dove Chocolate Egg (part of Great Ern's Easter basket) inside a marshmallow, but got distracted by, well…you know.

After all the frisking and frolicking, everybody was tired out. I think we hit the hay pretty early. Abby was FILTHY. I mean FIL-THY. Her ruff and pants were covered in mud and grass and dirt. She was also exhausted. She flopped down by my bunk and got her snooze on.

Tired Me and Abbs

During the night, we heard a strange crash and heavy breathing. Normally I would just slap Ern and go back to sleep, but it wasn't her! It was something much more sinister. The locals warned us about it. That's right. It was the Vicious Brookville Yeti! We were only able to get this shot of its hoof:

Yeti Hoof

(Naturally, I wasn't so absurd as to bring a chenille blanket camping and OF COURSE I haven't loved poking my fingers and toes through blankets since I was a wee babe. Definitely not any of that. Did I show you the pretty bluebells?)

Purdy 'bells

Sunday we woke up refreshed and relaxed. Ern was in a bit of a hurry to get back, so she was packed and loaded into the car before my tootsies had even touched the cabin floor. I packed up and then we hung out at the picnic table and read for about an hour. I read some interesting articles in the April '06 issue of Vogue. The first was about Pharell who is hot AND very talented. Love the Neptunes, love his Britney remixes, love his Justin remixes, love his producing on Gwen's album, and and and…

There was also an article about a popular stylist, Rachel Zoe. She's pretty much created the young starlet look: big glasses, big purses, long strings of beads and sexy boots (think Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton). The author of the article met with RZ and asked her how she normally works. She said sometimes she just dresses people for one event, but other times, she'll meet with clients and they'll go through the client's closet, laying out and taking Polaroids of 31 outfits, so the client will know what to wear for the next month. Can you imagine someone coming to your house and performing this service??? I would be mortified to have a stylist look at my messy closet and loathe to see the inevitably odd pairings she'd (Yes, my fake stylist is a woman!) be forced to suggest based on the motley crew that is my wardrobe. I haven't done a lot of clothes shopping in the last few years because of working a lot and always being on the go. That's one of the things I'm hoping to address during this quiet space in my life.

By the time we left, it was cloudy in Brooktucky, which made it much easier to head home. We hit the road, two pups in tow, a little more chirpy than they were on the way there. When we got back to my apartment, Abby and I took a lovely, long snooze and vegged for the rest of the day. It was a fun weekend and I'm excited to return with Lean and Ern for canoeing in July. Woooots!


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