My Last Day

Today is my last day at this job. Everyone went to lunch at Abuellos, which was very yummy. I burnt my hand on my plate 3 times though. I'm smart!

At lunch we all picked on InstructionalDesigner#2, but he deserved it. He sassed several times. I'm hoping I'll have lunch with these guys again in the future; they're all so much fun.

I've elected to mark this occasion with a haiku.

Now ends my journey.
I cry, but am just faking.
Excited inside.
I warble, "New job! New job!"
Doves cackle outside.


I just talked to B and he may visit next weekend. I think Lean and I will hit up Chicago too! B has a free hotel sitch worked out. All we have to do is take off our tops in the lobby. For continental breakfast, it's TOTALLY worth it.

Bernard got the housing info I sent. Apparently he won't be in MO until mid-June. I'm excited to see him. What's MO like in mid-June? I wonder how long it will take me to drive there. I could fly. I could also hitch Abbs to a sled and she could mush me. Aww! Sweet pup!


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