State’s Evidence

Yesterday for breakfast, I went to Panera and got an Asiago bagel with low-fat veggie cream cheese and a Chocolate Chipper cookie for later. (Girrrrrl, those cookies are SOOOOO good. You would smack yo' Mama for just one bite!) For some reason, they put my purchases in a HUGE Panera bag.

At home, I ate the bagel, but found I didn't like the cream cheese; it was too pimento-y. I saved the cookie for later and used the huge bag for trash, including some junk mail, the bagel bag and the container of cream cheese. 

I went out later, and upon my I return, found this:

Crime Scene

Notice the most compelling evidence from the crime scene:

  • The empty Panera bagel bag
  • The lid to a container of low-fat veggie cream cheese
  • One of Abby's babies with which we play fetch, amongst the mess

As soon as I saw the mess, Abby hung her head low and looked up at me with eyes that said, "Mama, I LOVE butterfat! I couldn't resist the cream cheese and the bagel leavin's!"

My hound was busted. Her sentence – serve three to five, trying not to shed all over the place.


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