Raise the Roof for Brunette

A few months ago, Lean recommended a salon called Brunette. I went and loved my cut and the stylist, Deana. She's so positive and upbeat and totally emits happy vibes. Last week, I called to make an appointment and by total coincidence, Lean had called to schedule an appointment as well! Both our appointments ended up being today. We're totes in sync!

Here's Lean at the 'bucks, post hair cut:

Lean at the 'bucks after her hair cut

Don't you want to order a latte from her? She gave me a taste of the new Blackberry Green Tea Frappuchino and girrrrrl, it was GOOD. The zing of green tea, the creamy milk and the luscious blackberry flavor make it irresistible! (I'm such a food journalist P-I-M-P!)

I tried taking a picture of my new 'do, which isn't really a new 'do, rather the same 'do with freshly-snipped ends and re-shaped layers. I took MANY pictures, in an attempt to capture a suitable likeness. The resulting photos either accentuated my chinS or my poor digital picture-taking skills. This is the best I could do. You can't really see my hair, but just so you know, Deana straightened it so it was lovely and smooth:

Me, post hair cut

I look like I know a secret. Maybe I do… *raises eyebrows*


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