Respect Your Elders

I just got up and it’s a bit chilly, so I thought coffee would hit the spot. I suppose I could’ve dragged out my coffee maker and used the sassy ‘bucks coffee that Lean gave me, but it seemed easier to get in the Goose and let someone else brew my caffeine-laced nectar.

I decided to go to Speedway. Why trashy Speedway instead of the ‘bucks or Panera? Well, trashy Speedway has fat free creamer that’s really good. Starbucks coffee + skim milk = ass, but Speedway coffee + fat-free creamer they have = YUM.

So, I was pouring my coffee and a sweet older gentleman came in to get a cappuchino. He made a mess and cutely commented on how it splashed all over. I only brought in my wallet, and had set it down to stir my coffee. I polished off the container of creamer and needed more, so I fetched the Speedway lady. When I walked away, I glanced at my wallet and thought, “I shouldn’t leave it there, but it’s beside the older man and I don’t want to take it and make him think that I think he would steal it.” (My parents really drove home the lesson to always respect your elders. We have to in the south because our elders are such characters, they might otherwise be hospitalized. ;)) I decided to leave it, and when I came back, armed with more creamer, he pointed to it and said, “You should be careful not to leave that out.” Very sweet.

On my way out, I noticed an older lady sitting in the passenger side of a big hoopty, waiting patiently. I glanced back and Mr. Wallet Protector was paying for two cappuchinos. Aww.

I have to get going because New Kids on the Block E True Hollywood Story is on!


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