A few weeks ago, I discovered there is an International Film Festival in Indianapolis. This tickled my little moviephile heart. I completed an application to volunteer for the festival, hoping to meet people and see some great films.

Last night, I had a shift helping with some showings at the IMA. I was really thirsty when I arrived. I noticed a snack bar, so I grabbed a bottle of water. I was shocked to find that the bottle cost $3.50. I waited five minutes to pay for the water, but the snack bar girl was nowhere to be found. I was in a hurry, so I decided to leave $3.50 and a note.

The girl in charge of the snack bar later returned and noticed that I had a bottle of Evian. She said, “Um ma’am, that bottle of water actually costs $3.78 with tax.” I said, “Ok, I’ll bring you change before I leave.” Later, when I walked by the snack bar, she said, “Ma’am, do you have the money?” I said, “I haven’t forgotten that I need to bring you 28¢.” I immediately fetched the change, thus ending the water debacle. I was planning to take a picture of the bottle, to demonstrate its relative patheticness when compared with its price, but I left it at the IMA. It had a really cool flip-top lid.

The volunteers in charge gave me a fancy badge and a WTTS lanyard. The bulk of my work involved herding movie goers in the correct direction.  During the downtime, I read the festival program and starred the movies I want to see. I ended up starring almost every movie.

At the end of my shift, I stayed to watch a documentary called Desire. It followed several New Orleans teenagers for several years, recounting their trials and tribulations. The girls experienced everything from teenage pregnancy to the difficulty of confronting one’s sexuality. The documentary was sad and poignant, but also hopeful. I was astonished how such relatively-inexperienced girls could be so bright and persistent.

There are two Balkans-based films playing at the festival. (Read #34 of my 100 Things to find out why the Balkans are important to me.) One is called Go West and the other is called Borderline Lovers. I’m planning on seeing them in the coming days. I can hardly wait! Yay for a festival of documentaries and indi films. It’s my manna!


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