It’s R.A.W. Baby!

That's right-the highly anticipated Resident Appreciation Week has arrived! It's my apartment complex's opportunity to convince me that living here is worth $600/month (and that doesn't include any utilities.) That's actually not too bad, because I have some great benefits like a gym open round the clock (you know how often I use that) and two pools. They're opening the pools early this year; in fact, they're already open. We love that!

And what all happens during R.A.W.? Good question. From a tattered flyer hanging in a notice area outside my apartment, I can glean the following:

  • I could've gotten free breakfast at the leasing office this morning.
  • I can pick up free breakfast if I pay rent Tuesday morning.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday, I can get $3 car washes and movie tickets. (Not bad!)
  • I can get free lunch and refreshments (Subway) and hang out by the pool on Friday. I bet I could meet some neat people. Awhile ago, Lean and I met a guy across the hall who's in his early 30s and doesn't work. He said he gets women to pay for his expenses. HOT! 😉
  • During the whole week, I can go to the leasing office to get a free goodie bag. I wonder what's in there? What would encourage appropriate resident behaviors? Near beer, smokeless ashtrays and carpet cleaner?
  • All week I can use the car vacuum for free and sign up to win "fun and exciting prizes."

You're jealous aren't you? I can tell by the look on your face. If you're nice, I'll share my near beer.


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