Note to Self: NEVER Complain About Job

I'm working in the warehouse this morning for boot camp. A Web developer, filling orders and moving things…it's a sad sight to see! Physically, all these people work 100 times harder than I do on any given day. But I keep thinking, "This is why I worked so hard to get a degree." Regardless, I have GREAT respect for the workers. They work their butts off, moving around all day, and they're all very friendly and helpful.

I'm on my 15-minute break right now. I wonder if I'll be doing this all day? My feet already hurt! The warehouse is huge and they have SO MUCH STUFF! I had no idea how much merchandise there is. Earrings, golf balls, suction cups OH MY!

I was thinking that after I'm here for a few months, I might get all the warehouse people pizza or some treat one day, to show my appreciation. Then I'll ask them to fan me and rub my feet. 😀

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