Weekend Wrap Up

It's time to get caught up on the exciting tidbits of my weekend. I bet you could hardly stand the wait! 😉 On Saturday, I had to assist an Excel class in the morning. It was a pretty small class, so I mostly sat in the back, checked my e-mail and clogged up people's calendars with fun appointments. I found some good events: the Broad Ripple Art Fair, the Russian Festival, movies in the park and the Ragtime Music Festival. Lots of fun stuff!

I want to try and take good care of the Goose because I'll have her for many years, so I had her detailed Saturday afternoon. She looks so shiny and purdy! She's happy to be free of Abby-fur. There is a Starbucks across from the car place, so I hung out there for a few hours while they detailed the Goose. I got to catch up on some of my New Yorkers (more on that later.)

After my Goose was spruced, I headed home and did some cleaning. I vacuumed my couch really well and it took forever, but it looks much better now. (I found lint and a plastic knife buried under the cushions.) I may get some new cushions soon. I vacuumed my living room but lost momentum and ended up chillin' for the rest of the evening. (I got Qdoba for dinner and ran into Nicole and James there! She, Rubes and I are having dinner on Thursday-I can't wait to catch up with the girls.)

I can sum up Sunday in one word: nap. Bernard called and I was sleeping, so hopefully we'll be able to chat this week.


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