You Do the TILTy Wilty and you TILT Yourself Around…

(I started this yesterday, so it still counts as a TILT!)

Things I love on this fine Thursday:

How Many Licks?

I had two, count ’em, TWO Tootsie pops today. I hadn’t had any in a long while, and I forgot how yummy they are! The best part is they have 60 calories and zilcho fat; we love that!


I shadowed #5 today, while she processed orders that were mailed and answered phone calls for orders. Good lord, I had forgotten how crazy customer service is! People are so annoying. They put you on hold while they scratch themselves or fetch a bev. One person lived on a street called Buckshutum, pronounced like “buck-shoot-um.” SWEAR to God!

So #5 told me lots of juicy gossip! I got the low down, which is tacky, but it was fun!

Dinner with My Girls

Rubes and Nicole and I had dinner at the Fox & Hound. It was so good to see them!

Rubes & Nicole

Don’t you love Ruby’s ‘do?

Mymsie & Rubes

What’s with the odd face I’m making? I look like I just swallowed a canary or something.

Girrrrrrl, things at that hideous magazine are still crazy, I mean K-R-A-Z-E-E! Things sound a little bumpy for Nicole’s job, but I told her I’ll straighten those mothers out. Also, snaps to Nicole for her upcoming adult bat mitzvah! She’s learned to recite Hebrew and everything. Mazaltof!

Whatcha Think?

I’m trying to smoothly incorporate the phrase “Why you be trippin’?” into my vernacular. Lean is skeptical about whether or not it’s feasible. I must admit, I have my doubts. I practiced tonight with my girls. They seemed to think it wasn’t too pitiful. I also suggested an easy resolution for the whole Iraq situation. We’ll load up, head over and say, “Why y’all be trippin’?!”

Greek Porn

Greek food porn, that is. Check out the delicious snack I had yesterday. Maters (sprinkled with sea salt), fat-free cottage cheese, and YUMMY Calamatta olives. *drool*

Greek porn

Notice Abby’s poof in the background.

Smooches from my girls!



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