I’m Good at Plan

Yesterday, Stoophers and I agreed to meet in the mall today, right outside Lazarus at 2 p.m. (Her hubby is out of town, so she was going to bring the baby and we’d all hang out for a few hours.) I was late arriving to the mall, but only by about 10 minutes. There are signs around the mall directing you to Lazarus. I drove around and around and couldn’t find it. I finally realized that it’s been replaced by Macy’s. DUH. I parked and made it to our meeting spot by 2:15 p.m. Stoophers was nowhere to be found. I waited for awhile, but it was hard to resist going back into Macy’s to look at the purses. I waited for about 20 minutes and then started feeling really, really sick. I mad a made dash to the Macy’s terlets. The line was ridiculous. They need more terlets! After that fun interlude, I went back to our meeting spot and waited a little while more, but still didn’t see her. Also, once I parked, I realized that her mobile number isn’t programmed into my phone. I thought it was. Oops. Hopefully we can hang out next weekend.

I ended up shopping around the mall a bit. I looked for a new spring purse but couldn’t find any I liked that were even remotely affordable. I did get some new shampoo and conditioner. Someone recommended Redken Smooth Down for naturally curly hair. Hopefully it will help with my frizzies.

I’m out of terlet paper, so I went to Death-Mart after I left the mall. It was chaos and madness as usual. They had really gorgeous and inexpensive plants though. I almost bought this lovely hanging basket kit with lots of different flowers, but thought that if I buy more plants, I should get them from some local place. Also, I need to be able to handle my herbs and maters before getting more planties. I did splurge and buy season four of the Golden Girls for only $29.99. WOOTS! I also bought Rasberry Ice Crystal Light, cherry-flavored Death-Mart generic Crstal Light-like substance, and a can of air to keep my laptop clean. My favorite kinds of Crystal Light are Tangerine Strawberry, Pineapple Orange, and Classic Orange but Death-Mart didn’t have those flavors. I tried the Raspberry Tea, but found it to be hideous. (I’m a bit of a tea snob though.) Just for the record, Crystal Light changed my life. When it first came out when I was little, it tasted like ass but since then has improved GREATLY. The flavors are sweet and fruity and very satisfying.


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