Following is my list of work-related grievances:

  • The chair at my desk is stuck in a very low, gnome-like height. It's like sitting on a sled. I tried to readjust it, but couldn't. The IT guy couldn't either. I told my boss and he said he'd ask someone about getting a new chair, but it hasn't happened yet. In the meantime, I have to sit at a very low angle in an old, uncomfy chair.
  • My desk is in the middle of a hall that everyone and their mother walks down every five minutes. It's very distracting, especially for someone like me, who is easily distracted. (I will eventually have cube walls but it won't be for another FOUR WEEKS!!)
  • There is a recess for my keyboard but I HATE KEYBOARD TRAYS! They give me carpal tunnel and never have helped me.
  • My mouse won't fit in the stupid recessed key tray area, so I'm having to put it in an odd location. This leads to wrist tingling and numbness.
  • The stupid keyboard recess is misaligned with the chair position, further creating difficulties in typing.
  • There is a huge stack of random awards and plaques on my desk. I mentioned them to my boss and he said he would tell someone. They're nothing to do with me and I want them gone now dammit.
  • I need another shelf or cabinet because I have crap strewn all over my desk. It's a mess.
  • They haven't given me an FTP application yet, so I have to ask a random lady to help.
  • The current system is TOTALLY DISORGANIZED, thus sucking my will to live.
  • I have a trackball mouse. They bought me a new computer and it's great, totally loaded but I have a trackball mouse. What the hell?? I asked the IT guy for a wireless one.
  • I'm not an administrator on my machine, so I can't download applications like the latest version of Office, Trillian, SSH, or Firefox. (I need Firefox for debugging.)
  • Office 2000 is on my machine and it SUCKS. I'm used to 2003 and because I teach at IU, can download it for free IF I were an administrator on my 'puter!
  • There are no tape or scissors in my office.
  • I filled out several HR forms but no one has retrieved them and I have no idea where to take them. I asked my boss and he didn't know either. One of the forms is for direct deposit, which means I'll probably get an actual bricks and mortar check for my first pay period. This creates the need for an extra trip to the bank.
  • The IT guy finally set up my 'puter to print, but I have no idea where the printers are. I've asked several people and gotten different answers. I printed something and checked the possible printers, but didn't see my print out.
  • My desk is filthy and needs a good cleanin'.
  • Until I have walls, every Tom, Dick and Harry who walks buy can totally see my monitor, thus inferring that I'm a slacker, because I do things like blogging at work.
  • I edited a page of the site and the stupid archaic system that's in place added random line breaks <br /> all over!  Normally I could just edit the Web page and remove the line breaks but using the current system, when I checked the page, it doesn't show any breaks in the code. My boss is at a meeting downtown, so I have to deal with the breaks until he comes back to the office this afternoon and can tell me how the heck to fix the problem.
  • This building is FREEZING. My hands and tootsies are SO cold.

I recognize that my attitude may sound a bit impatient. I think it's because of the amount of things awry. If it were one or two things, it wouldn't seem like such a big deal. But I feel like everything is out of sorts. Of course I know this comes with the territory of a new job, but I needed to vent. Also, I recognize that some people have serious problems, like not having any food or a place to live, so I need to suck it up and shut it.


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