You could say I lost my faith in science and progress. Lalala!

An IT boy brought me a new mouse! It's an optical mouse, but it's not wireless. I guess if I complained, I could get a wireless one, but I won't say anything unless it somehow becomes a big problem.

Yay for one item being checked off my list!

Note also that the following conversation occurred between me, AZBAD, and Mr. Keester:

AZBad:ok, my hungerness is kicking in

Mymsie: Mine too

Mymsie:I have chicken alfredo Lean Cuisine

Mr. Keester:You aren't playing right. I am supposed to say "I had a salad with poppyseed dressing" Amy will say "I has something that looked like a muffin" and Humberto will say "I had Menudo Tacos"

Mr. Keester: Then you will say "I had Chicken Alfredo with a creamy sauce" and we will look at you like "you b—-!" and then you will say "it is one of those new dinners from Lean Cuisine and giggle.

We are TOTES children of pop culture. 😉


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