Bits & Bobs

I just got back from Lean's. She's returned from Jamaica, burnt to a crisp, sarongs rumpled and ready for the dry cleaner. We watched Big Love. It was a good episode! Bill Paxton was born to play thatroll. Lean and I think Margeen and the oldest son are gonna do some smoochin'. I'm sad there are only a few episodes left this season. I Googled "big love" and found that Margeen has a "blog" on the HBO Web site. Odd that.

Not that anyone cares, but I'm not a fan of Jessica Simpson as a red head. Let's hope and pray it's a wig. In other celeb news, look at how skinny Ashlee Simpson has gotten. I read that Nicole Richie admitted she is way too skinny and is working with a dietitian to eat better. I also read that Lindsay Lohan wants to gain some weight back so she has sexy curves. Apparently her sister gets teased at school because of LL's weight; she said she doesn't want girls to look up to her and think that they should be that skinny. Sheesh.

I have a hankering to make some tabouli. Know a good recipe? I can use my newly-repotted cilantro. Also, there is a bloom on my mater plant! Lean said it flowers before growing maters; I had no idea. I guess this means I'm not doing too poorly.

I read today that the last Titanic survivor who remembered its sinking died. Her father and three brothers were killed in the sinking, one of whom was her fraternal twin. Can you imagine losing family in a tragedy like that? Her Mother and one brother survived. I wonder if they were with the others when they died. They must have felt so helpless. Let's take a moment to give snaps to James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet for making one of worst shipping disasters of all time into a love story. 😉 At least it was relatively well done. And I really, really like Kate Winslet, so I'll forgive this cinematic misstep.


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