No Excuses

I worked at IU all throughout my undergrad. There, I had means of recycling white paper, colored (although I prefer "ethnically diverse") paper, newspaper, post its, cans, bottles, ink cartridges, and batteries. I must admit that I was not as good of a recycler at home, but I was VERY diligent at work. When I started working for an environmental agency, you can imagine, EVERYTHING got recycled so my "Good Work Recycler Fairy" roll continued. At my last job, they only recycled cans and bottles in one location. I set up a receptacle to collect the ones from my office and eventually, the janitor started taking our load to the recycle bin for us. There was also white paper recycling. Here at my NEW new job, they don't recycle anything. Again, I must confess that I'm not great about recycling at home, but I've always done my part at work. (Pathetic and inexcusable, I know.) But now I can't even say that. It's time for me to get my butt in gear. It takes longer and requires more effort, but that's no excuse. It's 2006! I've seen too many documentaries about how we're destroying the environment and depleting our natural resources to continue in this fashion. Must reduce, reuse, and recycle at work AND at home. (Let the record show that the Goose is an ultra-low emissions vehicle.)


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