You Know What They Say

Guess what I'm doing this morning? Deleting 100s and 100s of old products from our database. Except currently, there is only a Web interface and it doesn't allow you to select multiple items at once, so I get to delete each item one-at-a-time. Fun times! The naughty boys at the State teased me because when I first started, I accidentally deleted a bunch of stuff from the Web server. What? Isn't that what you're supposed to do?

I forgot to share the voice mail I got from B last week:

"Always the screener, never the bride. Two shakes gets the worm in the morning."

Awhile ago, we decided that it's fun and silly to mix metaphors and cliches. (It's water under the duck's back.) We also enjoy using the wrong cliche in different situations. Like if someone loses his wallet, we might say, "When in Rome!" If there were a Gong Show today, we would be on it, for sure.


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